It’s been the law since 1933, as part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, and this is how things have actually operated for the past 79 years!

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Hi, my name’s JONATHAN HAWLEY, and thanks for visiting

 Be sure to read all the way through
this VERY important letter for some
special, life-changing information…

But, first...

Our business mailing address is:


And our sales and ordering line is:


You deserve to have that information right up-front, so you know that I'm
real, our company is real, and that what you're about read is 100% real.

But, look, I’ll admit it right now…what I’m about to tell you is gonna be
hard to believe, but if you believe me, you’re gonna be hugely rewarded!

If you don’t believe me, I’m going to make it worth your
while to change your mind, so let me explain...

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Yeah, this is William Gregg.  I bought your package.  Keep up the good work! 
Thank you
.”  -William Gregg
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If you’ll take a few moments to read to this message, you’ll find out about the secret government program you can use to get totally out of debt!

Plainly speaking, if you’re in debt, you can get out of it, quickly, easily, and completely, all by doing nothing more than: writing certain words on your bills, in a certain way, and then, once marked-up correctly, you'll mail them in to a certain government address, to then have the debt 100% taken care of through The Department Of Treasury!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“So, I’m really interested in this package.  I mean, you know, it, got me wondering.  Thank you so much, bye.”  -George Johnson
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You might’ve noticed that I didn’t say anything about paying thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money to get out of debt…

You heard that correctly…
this is NOT about spending all OR
most of your money to get out of debt.

     You must be wondering how that’s even possible. 

I must be joking, right? 

I’m not

     Matter of fact, the ability to handle your debts in this way
is specifically guaranteed by the government, in writing,
and is part of Public Policy AND Public Law since 1933!

This works every time,
and it will for you, too!

Because, the truth is, every time you get a bill in the mail claiming a debt,
it includes the "check" to pay it, by law!

The payment coupon is literally a "payment coupon", to pay the debt itself,
if you know how to activate it and turn it on, and where to send it within the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, to be paid through the U.S. Treasury!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hi, I’m Susan Gray.  I had seen your postcard and called and  got the information finally, and, it is so inspiring.  I’m... just overwhelmed.  I’m just so excited that I sent one packet in. 
 And, I’m just so, so thrilled that I was able to get through.  I, now that I have the information, it is just so overwhelming.  The information that you gave is just full, so full of wisdom.  And, daughter and, and her husband got a lot of debts,too.  So, I’m looking forward to helping them get their debts resolved, too.  And, and I just want to thank you guys so much for your information.  I just want to thank you guys again.  Thank you so much.”  -Susan Gray
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Let me tell you a little story…

A DISSOLVE Your DEBT customer and case study example named MARY received her most recent property tax bill at the end of last December. 

She and her husband were DREADING the thought of
having to figure out a way to be able to afford to pay it.

  It had them worried sick.

Debts are always frustrating and stressful,
and this property tax bill was no different to MARY.

Her property tax debt came to just over $7, 400.00,
and she and her husband did not have it, and the due
date was right around the corner. 

The dark cloud of debt had moved right in and
was firmly parked over their lives once again.

Debt is a very destructive force,
and you’ve got to get out of it as-soon-as possible.

MARY ordered The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual, and learned about how to get out of any debt, including her property tax, by just writing certain words, in a certain way, right on the bill;
and then, once marked-up correctly, she mailed it in to a certain government address, to then have the debt paid for through the Treasurynot with money she earned with her labor, which she worked hard to try and save, but with the "know-how" she learned in DISSOLVE Your DEBT!

Shortly after doing precisely as she was taught in The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual, MARY and her husband checked their property tax bill online and
were shocked to find it paid-in-full, without one dime besides postage
coming out of their pocket!

They’ve both gone on to get rid of all their debt, and many more have done, and are doing, the same thing, all by going through the same process as
MARY and her husband.

We estimate about 5% of the population is now aware of,
and benefiting from, what the government put in place for us,
and all U.S. Citizens, some 79 years ago!

The world IS in a time of great revelation, and the process you’ll learn about in The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual is more proof of just that very thing. 

And it couldn’t come at
a better time, either.

DEBT is at an all time high, and I don’t have to tell you how much WASTED thought, how much WASTED energy, and how many sleepless nights go
into the whole cycle of debt you’re stuck in.

As amazing as it seems, there’s a solution to this debt crisis that’s swallowing
us whole, and this solution has been around, cleverly hidden in plain sight,

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Jonathan Hawley...this is Ed Tanny.  I’m in Florida, and, I just sent in a $12,000.00 loan on my car!  I think the job you’re doing is absolutely wonderful!  Stupendous!  And, there aren’t words out there to describe it.  And, I think it’s just absolutely great.  Thank you again, Jon.” -Ed Tanny
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 The bills that you get are claiming that your Legal Name, not “you”, the real living soul, but that your LEGAL TITLE, owe them some sort of debt, whether it’s a mortgage financing or servicing company , a car financing or servicing company, a credit card, revolving debt-type of company, an income tax bill, which comes to your Legal Name from the IRS, which is a company, a property tax bill, which comes from your county, which is also a company, a utility bill, which comes from a power company, which is a quasi-governmental corporation, a phone bill, which also comes from a quasi-governmental corporation, a medical bill, which comes from a medically-affiliated financing company or 3rd-party debt collector, a court order, which is a claim of debt that comes from the court system, which is a private company, a ticket, which is a claim of debt issued by a police officer acting as an agent for the police office, which is a company within your county...the list just goes on and on and on…the world is buried in debt.

Well, if you look carefully, most bills, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, have that "payment" coupon attached to it somewhere that they tell you to detach
and send in with your payment. 

You’ve seen them a million times.

Again, this payment coupon is literally a payment coupon.

If you look really closely, you’ll notice somewhere on those "payment"
is a bar code, or, long strings of numbers that look suspiciously like
the routing numbers and accounting numbers you see...on...a...check.


Now, this is really gonna shock you, but…
those payment coupons ARE "checks"!

The "payment coupons" that come attached to your bills can be used to pay the debt itselfIF you know what to write on the bills and payments coupons, how to write it, and where to send it to be paid…and that’s EXACTLY what you learn, in easy, step-by-step, illustrated detail, all within
The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual.

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“My name is Lavonne Lewis, and I’m
pleased with the book that I got from you. 
Thank you very much
.”  -Lavonne Lewis
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You, too, can be shocked and amazed,
just like MARY and her husband were, when they paid-off their
$7,400.00 property tax bill, and other debt, using this same process
you’ll learn when you own The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual for yourself.

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Yeah...Jonathan…!  I received my DISSOLVE Your DEBT, and I’m very proud of it because I need the worst way Thank you so much
Thank you.”  -Dorothy Miller
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Just imagine sitting down to pay your bills, except this time,
of hating it, you open your DISSOLVE Your DEBT manual,
and, following the easy instructions, write some particular, personal information, in a certain way, right on the bills and payment coupons, then
mail them off to a particular government address, where they’ll be paid for
you through the Department Of Treasury, all without having to spend a dime
of "actual" money besides some postage!


Here's The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual's
Table Of Contents:

PREFACE........................................................ Page 4
AUTHOR'S FOREWORD................................... Page 8
INTRODUCTION............................................. Page 13
ENDORSEMENT PART #1................................. Page 16
ENDORSEMENT PART #2................................. Page 19
FULL ENDORSEMENT EXAMPLE....................... Page 21
IMPORTANT ADDRESSES................................ Page 22
CASE STUDIES................................................ Page 23
FINER POINTS................................................ Page 37
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS..................... Page 42
BONUS #1: "THERE ARE TWO OF YOU"............ Page 56
BONUS #2: EASY CONTRACT BASICS............... Page 60
CONCLUSION................................................ Page 64
Addendum #1: The U.S. Is Bankrupt................ Page 65
Addendum #2: "Did You Know...?"................. Page 69
Addendum #3: Important Quotes................... Page 72
SHARE YOUR DYD EXPERIENCES..................... Page 74
THE DYD AUDIO CD ADDENDUM.................... Page 75

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Jonathan, my name is Thomas Neighbors.  I’m calling from Louisville, Kentucky.  I very much enjoy this bookletI appreciate it very much.  Thank you.”  -Thomas Neighbors
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Look, I know what ya must be thinking…this is impossible,
it can’t happen,
but it’s true...and this is how thing’s have
actually operated for the past 79 years! deserve to get out of debt and to get your pride and your
reputation back, don’t you?  Others have, and are all the time,
and now it’s your turn

The success stories and the
numbers speak very clearly:

You’ll see a case study example in the manual from another
DISSOLVE Your DEBT customer named EDWARD...he paid-off a huge
child support bill to the tune of $20,796.02 using this simple process!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“My name’s Gary Jackson, my wife’s name’s Pauline.  We ordered your book, and...we read it, and, we started doing what you said.  We noticed the bills came back a little slowerThe book, just reading the book, about how the government, how we do this, how this government worth the priceJust to know what’s in that book, we read it 3 or 4 times, and that is the most enjoyable reading that I’ve ever read, so nobody can make a mistake by doing this.  My name’s Gary Jackson again, we live in Somerfield, Florida.”  -Gary Jackson
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ROY paid-off a $796.76 CHASE credit card bill using this same process, too,
and he continues to do it month after month after month
with this particular card.

From cell phone bills to automatic camera tickets,
the list just goes on and on. 

If it’s a debt, you can literally write some words in a particular way on the bill, mail it off to a particular place, and see the debt go away.  You can take
care of any debt, administratively, with The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual,
whether it’s your debt, someone else’s debt, or even if it’s corporate debt!


Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“My name is Ronald Hill.  I just wanted to say that I got the manual about two months ago, and I have submitted a couple packages, and I’ve helped a couple friends submit a couple packages.  And, it takes a little bit, as the manual says, for you to find out if it’s been paid or not, but...the manual is really easy to understand and very easy to read, it’s written very clearly, with enough information so you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  And, why this has to work because of the way that the government has taken away the gold and silver.  So, anyway, I would recommend this to anybody.  Thank you very much, again.  Thank you.” 
-Ronald Hill
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If you’re really interested in finally getting totally
out of debt,
then now is the time to make a decision, and it shouldn’t be a hard one.

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Yes, my name is Harlan Thomas.  I think the
book is wonderful, it’s easy to read
Thank you very much.”  -Harlan Thomas
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Ordering The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual
will be the
cheapest thing you’ve ever
done to get out of debt!

If you know you want to order, go ahead and click the link below right now. 
You’ll be transferred through to our secure order page to have
your billing information gathered and your order completed. 

The DISSOLVE Your DEBT manual costs just $99,
and it’ll be available to you for immediate download
within just a few minutes from now.

I wanted to make the price reasonable enough for
you that you wouldn’t have to go into debt to get it,
and I wanted to make the manual bite-sized and
manageable enough that you’d actually read and use it.

Ordering is very, very easy...

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hi, this is Bernice Barris.  I enjoyed and
read and understood your book as was sent. 
I think your book is great
.  I mean, it’s
 very self-explanatory.  Thank you very much. 
Your book is fantastic!”   -Bernice Barris
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Now, The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual is a 75-page, illustrated, educational, and instructional book that teaches you how to get completely out of
$100.00’s of $1,000.00’s of debt


The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual is simple, direct, and to the point.

 It covers in very easy, A-B-C, 1-2-3, step-by-step detail
exactly what you need to do, and how, to get out of any debt!

ONE EASY PAYMENT OF $99, and it’ll be available to you for immediate
download within just a few, short minutes from now!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hi, my name’s David. I’m one of the live phone operators here at DISSOLVE Your DEBT! In 2010, I got out of just over $32,000.00 of debt within just about 4 short months. It was mostly credit card debt, and a few third-party debt collection accounts, but they were ALL taken care of, thanks to The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual! The reality is, when you get a bill in the mail, it includes the money to pay it! The payment coupon is LITERALLY a payment coupon, if you know how to turn it on and activate it, and then where to send it to be paid, all of which you learn in easy, step-by-step, illustrated detail in DISSOLVE Your DEBT. I can’t recommend this manual enough. Having that $32,000.00 of debt paid like I did has completely changed my life! Getting out of debt will completely change your life, too! This really works, so please press 1 to order now...” 
-David Goldmin
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Still...sometimes people wonder: "WHY IS THE PRICE SO LOW?!"

WELL, I wanted to make the price reasonable enough for
you that you wouldn’t have to go into debt to get it,
and I wanted to make the manual bite-sized and
manageable enough that you’ll actually
and use it.

The more U.S. Citizens that know about DISSOLVE Your DEBT, the better, and there’s two big reasons why, showing why being so inexpensive is important: because when people individually get themselves out of debt,
the country gets out of debt.

But, also because when you do get yourself totally out of debt, you’ll see that you can go back into debt, and get out of it, over and over again, as much as you need to over the course of your life, all in the pursuit of happiness!

And it comes complete with
a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

You should know that when you order The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual, you can feel VERY confident. Because not only has what we’re going to teach you to do been GUARANTEED, in writing, by GOVERNMENT and LAW itself,
for the past 80 years
but you’ll also be protected by our own 30-Day,
"DISSOLVE Your DEBT Satisfaction Guarantee."

If you don’t feel DISSOLVE Your DEBT is everything you expected it to be, if it hasn’t changed your life for the better, and taught you an important thing or two, worth much more than the ONE EASY PAYMENT OF just $99 you paid,
you can simply and easily request a refund from us within 30 calendar days,
and we’ll cheerfully and fairly refund your $99 investment in full!

We have 100% confidence in DISSOLVE Your DEBT, and you can, too.

Which is probably why we’ve never had to issue even one
"Satisfaction Guarantee" refund

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Mr. Hawley, my name is Don Farley.  My wife’s name is Nancy.  We have the information, the book.  And, we sent stuff in, we think it’s a fantastic idea.  We think that it...we know it will help us a lot and a lot of other people
We thank you very much.” -Don Farley
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You can literally get out of many, many
$1,000.00’s of debt
by using this simple book

As small as the $99 investment is, this’ll be the best
investment you’ve ever made, and it’ll really have a very positive,
eye-opening impact on your life, and I can guarantee you that! 

 And, when you order *today*, I’ll make sure your copy of
DISSOLVE Your DEBT includes 2 popular and valuable bonus sections,
titled: There Are Two Of You and Easy Contract Basics

Each bonus section alone is worth $200.00, and they’re both yours FREE

 Matter of fact, that’s right, these 2 important, FREE bonus sections are easily worth more than twice the total investment in The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual itself, so the faster you get your copy, the faster you’ll be debt FREE; so just click the link below to order now!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hello, my name is Don Olson. 
I appreciate this package so much! 
Thank you so much.”  -Don Olson
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You can safely, easily, and securely purchase DISSOLVE Your DEBT using your
credit, debit, or pre-paid card, so have your card ready,
and click the order link below!

You’ll be transferred through to have your billing information gathered
and your order completed.

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Well, this is Maryanne Robinson, and I’m
already doing DISSOLVE Your DEBT...every month, faithfully!   And, a friend of mine, she did
it on a credit card, and I’m real, real happy. 
And, I feel so much better!  Now I know I’m
going to get rid of some nagging bills

Thank you!  Everything is appreciated,
thank you
.”  -Maryanne Robinson
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So, if you’re ready, go ahead and order below…now.

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hi, my name is Tom Murtha.  Thank you so much
for all your help, thank you for this package

Have a great day!”  -Tom Murtha
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Again, my name’s JONATHAN HAWLEY, and I sure do appreciate your
interest in The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Manual…here’s to debt FREE living,
and I thank you for your time, your trust, and your business!

Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“This is Dave Messina.   And, I would like to thank you for sending me the package.  It was
very quick receiving it.  I have a package here
in front of me now...I’m sending another one out to be taken care of.  Finally, the government’s doing something for meI’m telling all my friends about it, and I’d like to see them out
of debt, too.  I thank you for your time.  And,
I appreciate it very much.  Thank you.  And, I hope people that listen to this will go ahead
and order your package
It can do nothing but good.  And, we should all be out of debt! 
Thank you very much.”  -Dave Messina
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Go ahead, click the link below to order now
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Satisfied Customer Testimonial
“Hi, this is Gordon Wiltse and I just received
a package and I’m awestruck
.  I just left a message earlier today.  I’m 80 years old, and
I have to tell you, that this is the most
awesome thing I have ever come across in my 80 years alive on this Earth!
   I have other things that I, granted, were well-received, but this
is awesome!
  This is totally awesome!  I
thank you enough for putting this thing together.  And, it’s well-worth, well-worth
the money!
  And, I really thank you very much.  But, thank you again, and I certainly will keep
up with it.  And, it’s well-worth the effort
and the money involved
I’m about $90,000.00
in debt!
  Most of them have gone to collective agenciesAnd, my tax bill is...overdue.  And, I’m in a default situation.  And, I was sick, and...I couldn't pay my bills!  So, I’m just a...mess.  OK, you have an awesome book, there, I’m going to make use of it.  And, it’s great, great, did a great job!  I’ve never had a manual that explained things so simplyThank you very much.”  -Gordon Wiltse
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What’re you waiting for?!  There’s nothing to think about
when it comes to finally getting totally out of debt! 
The time has come
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FINALLY, you can learn the basic secrets necessary to
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The DISSOLVE Your DEBT Fundamentals Guide is 17 pages,
and tells you everything you need to know to get out of all
your debt, including all the one's mentioned above.

And that's with no limitation on debt dollar amount,
or frequency of current and on-going debts involved!!!

It is very rare a tiny book can do so much!

Table Of Contents:

INTRODUCTION.............................................. Page 3
ENDORSEMENT PART #1.................................. Page 6
ENDORSEMENT PART #2.................................. Page 9
IMPORTANT ADDRESSES................................. Page 12
SOME PROCEDURAL BASICS........................... Page 13
CONCLUSION.................................................. Page 14
SHARE YOUR DYD EXPERIENCES..................... Page 15
HOW TO MAKE MONEY................................... Page 16

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Thank you!

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